New Approaches to Healing

Recently a friend recommended I try three things.

One is tapping or emotional freedom technique (EFT) by first getting Nick Ortner’s documentary film called The Tapping Solution.  He also has a website by the same name and once a year (in Feb) hosts the Tapping World Summit, which is a 10-day event where he posts interviews with the top tapping experts in the world on every topic under the sun.  It is a great way to process your emotions and release them from your body.  It can help release in-the-moment fears and anxieties and it can also help when doing deeper healing work.

Then she introduced me to Margaret M. Lynch, who is AMAZING!  And she has a really great 7-part series on the 2nd chakra.  And guess where the 2nd chakra is located?  In our lower abdomen where our reproductive organs are housed.  So there is a pretty direct correlation between doing 2nd chakra work and healing your reproductive system from an energetic perspective.

This is where we store our family and ancestral patterns.  It is where we store emotions about our worthiness, and whether or not we are lovable, we belong, we are seen, we are valued, we are willing to be vulnerable, among other things of this nature.  It is big stuff!

And let me be the first to tell you, when you get really deep into 2nd chakra healing work, it is HARD and painful to feel all the emotions we have stuffed in there.  But it is important and as you come through it you have a much stronger sense of self, and you will feel a LOT lighter!

The third is a book called The Medical Medium, which talks about what is really behind many mystery illnesses that we are plagued with in modern times, including hormonal imbalances.  It addresses how to really heal your gut health and immune system.  It also has a 28-day (mostly raw) fruit and vegetable cleanse program included and recipes for a number of detox teas for things like metals, cleaning supplies, pesticides, etc.  If it speaks to you, you should read it and decide for yourself, but I found it really interesting and illuminating and have been working through the detox.  I’m not perfect at it (I’ve had chicken a few times), but I’ve been making a concerted effort to do it as well as I can.  And I figure that every bit that I do is better than if I weren’t doing it. I also bought a juicer from JuiceMaster, which came with a great juicing recipe book, so I’ve had fun experimenting with the world of juicing!

Although it has been a little while, this is where I currently am on my healing journey. In Jan of this year, I had another ultrasound, and the cysts are still there, and may have grown a little bit.  However, it was just a reminder to become more diligent about getting back on track – with eating, continuing my healing work, and getting back to the castor oil packs on a more regular basis.  My hope is by my next appointment my efforts will produce the results that I desire, and that eventually it will be enough to rid myself entirely of this issue.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are trying and what has worked well for you.  If you have used EFT and/or read The Medical Medium, what are your experiences with these approaches?

Until next time!


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