Whole 30 Recipes

This week on I started a Whole 30 (an eating plan where you eliminate all inflammatory foods to reboot your digestive system) and I started Boot Camp. I didn’t intend to start both on the same day, it is just kind of the way it worked out!

I feel good and like I have accomplished something this week.  I have fueled my body with foods that are good for it, and have challenged my body with three boot camp sessions.  I can’t wait to see how much better and stronger I feel at the end of the month!

Now almost a week in, I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes so far. It takes a little bit to research and planning to do a Whole 30 and I figured I might as well share in case it benefits any of you in any way!

Three clear winners:
1. Mushroom Onion Quiche Bites – the great thing is you could substitute the mushrooms and onions with any veggies that you like for unlimited variations

2. Sweet Potato Hash – I didn’t have the same herbs as she did, but use anything that speaks to you! Or just use salt/pepper. It is great either way!

3. Pesto Pork Burgers with Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes

Others that were pretty good:
Slow Cooker Chicken, Sweet Potato and Kale Stew – This one was pretty good, but there is a reason I have never ever seen a recipe with more than 1Tbs of tomato paste (and why haven’t they figured out how to make 1Tbs packages for tomato paste so you don’t have to waste the entire rest of the can?!? But I digress…). Changes I would make next time: 1Tbs only of tomato paste + 1 can of diced tomatoes + maybe a little more chicken stock

Zucchini Carrot Spiced Muffins – It’s challenging to create baked goods that rival those used with flour, sugar and butter, so you just have to not compare them that way. But this is a pretty good non-inflamitory recipe.

As I continue through the program, I’ll continue to post the recipes I find that I really like.  I would also love to hear from you!  Tell me in the comments below what your favorite Whole-30-compliant recipes are!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


The Starting Point

I found out last week that my Endometriosis is back, and is worse than before.  This was quite a surprise to me considering that I had surgery 9 months ago (when Endo was first diagnosed) to clear out all of the endometrial cells from my abdomen, and just ended hormone suppression therapy 6 months ago.  I was told that I needed surgery again followed by ongoing, long-term hormone therapies.  Last fall the doctors said “it could come back”, but I was thinking years from now.  I had no expectation it would reoccur this quickly.  What was the value of having surgery when I wasn’t suffering from any of the symptoms so many women face with this disease?  The only symptom that has impacted me thus far is compromised fertility, which is a big one, but it is not one that comes with the debilitating pain that so many women experience.

So, I started doing a LOT of research to learn more about the condition so that I can make some informed decisions about the path that makes the most sense for me.  I decided to write this blog to share what I am learning in case it helps others who are going through this too.

I was surprised to find that Endo is an auto-immune disorder, with links to hypothyroidism and chronic yeast infections.  That it is caused by hormonal imbalances, specifically long-term estrogen dominance and the body not making enough progesterone to offset the effects of estrogen.  That there is no cure, and even menopause and hysterectomies don’t completely rid a person of the disease, although they lessen the symptoms.  And that hormone therapies are not shown to have any kind of effect on preserving or increasing fertility rates.

My first line of defense, until I can become even smarter, is to employ a healing diet to jumpstart my body’s immune system, reduce inflammation, improve my digestive system and do my best to balance out my hormones naturally by controlling better what I put into my body for nourishment.  I bought a 3HP blender, and am (at least initially) following Jeff Primack’s Conquering Any Disease food healing protocol.  He doesn’t currently have a specific protocol for endometriosis, and when I reached out to his organization to ask for one, I was told he wouldn’t provide this specific advice since he isn’t a doctor or nutritionist and to instead buy his products and attend his seminars – nice!  So I am using the guidance provided for other related issues as a starting point.  And will continue to look for other resources to help me along my journey.

Basically, the following “food groups” are out: wheat, anything made with yeast, sugar, coffee, alcohol, dairy, most oils (other than coconut, olive, avocado, hemp and flax), most meats (organic chicken and ocean fishes ok), and soy, to name a few.  And all of these foods are replaced with anti-inflammatory, organic, whole fruits and vegetables (some raw in “smoothies” and some cooked), organic chicken and ocean fish.

While most of my life to this point I would have resisted making these changes, I am at a place now where I embrace them if they will keep me out of the OR and off of constant medications for the next 10+ years.  I am excited to see what impact these changes will have for me, other than the obvious weight loss benefits, which I am already starting to see in the first 5 days.  And I am ready to learn the lessons I am mean to learn from this experience.

Tell me about your experiences making changes to manage Endo with minimal medical intervention.  What has worked for you?